After my mtg in Atl, I drove to Columbus to see my friend, Missy. I didn't do so great taking pictures. In fact, the only two I took were with my camera phone. The one above is my friend's daughter and son, Shelbi and Matthew.
Matthew had just spilled a whole bowl of popcorn on the floor and it was one of those moments of..."do I take the pic or not". He's such a cutie pie. Thanks to Missy and Mike for letting me have a mini vacation!

Ok, so most of these pics won't mean a lot to some of you, but they are apart of my life so here they are. I am a Southern Living at HOME consultant. I started selling the products in Feb and have been blessed. It has been a great additional source of income when the economy wasn't being so nice to my Massage business. I have gotten to meet a lot of sweet people and have enjoyed having the parties. (Although I don't think I will ever be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people!) When I heard there was going to be a meeting in ATL with the new President, I jumped at the chance. It was really neat finding out the details about the company and being in a room full of women and a few men who shared a common bond. Some of the directors brought some of their new products so we could get ideas on how to sell them better or just use them for ourselves. I bought way to many raffle tickets and didn't win a thing, but had a lot of fun inspite of that.

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