Just a typical Sunday

1-30-11 Sorry this post is out of order. I took all these pics with my phone and somehow forgot about them. I think it's hilarious how our Sunday family lunch now consists of chasing kiddos or passing the baby around. My how times have changed. Jay put his hat on Annyson and thus started the kids photo shoot for the day.
Bubba is now fully mobile so it was interesting trying to catch him. He's such a cutie pie.
Emma was spending the day with Gigi since Ella Grace was sick. Of course the first thing she said when she got there was, "My sister's sick" It was sweet.
Mary Bennett showing out for me

Shaggy Uncle Jay with A.
Aunt Susie has to have her moment with Annyson.
Emma wanted to hold Annyson. She gets to see her at daycare everyday and I think maybe help take care of her too. This was the solution...Emma sit in my lap with Annyson. Check out A's face!
Now she's smiling...
Yea, so what? There's no rule that says your family can't vote for you to win the Best of South Georgia contest. hehe I may or may not have bought 7 newspapers and told them they couldn't leave until they filled out their ballot. LOL Thank goodness we always have Kristy to entertain the children.
Emma and Kristy were telling us stories to round out the day. I'm so thankful for my family!

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Liz said...

Love the name Annyson! I am sure Brian will say no. He never likes anything.