Valentine's Day 2011

Ok, so the Single Girl and Valentine's Day are not words that go together. I honestly had a hard time going to sleep Sunday night thinking about my Dad not being here to keep our deal. He told me he'd always send me flowers for my birthday and Valentine's Day until I got married. I of course know that it wasn't the flowers that made the dy special, it was the sentiment behind them. Side note, thanks to my Mom for a pre Valentine's Day surprise. A sweet friend of mine sent me a message about one of her girl friends that waited on the Lord and is now married and happy. I read it and wanted to say blah blah blah, but in all reality, I know God has a plan for me. So I accepted her words of wisdom and decided and prayed that I could make VDay a great day. My friend Sherri brought me these balloons and a card that her whole family had signed. Yes, I laughed and cried when she walked in with them. lol.
A couple of hours later, my sweet friend Kasey brought me these flowers. They are so pretty and thoughtful. She has sent me flowers for VDay every year since my Dad passed away. It truly does mean more than I can say. I'm so thankful for her friendship in my life.
I rounded out the busy, busy day of massage and selling gift cards by going to see my nieces. Me and Ella Grace got to hang out by ourselves while Gigi was drying Emma's hair.
EG-Let's make a silly face. AH-ok!

Mine and Emma's turn
We can both roll our tongues. Aren't you proud?

Before opening their presents from me

Movies and some candy...
Their new Hannah Kate outfits I bought them. They are so funny. They were hanging on each other and you couldn't see how cute the outfits were. So I said- stand up straight- and the over exaggerators decided they would look like toy soldiers in the pic. I could eat them up with a spoon! I hope everyone had a great Day of LOVE!

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