Some of the Provisionals came out for their first big VJSL event
Our band for the night! They played all kinds of old school songs, you know the ones that you want to sing along.

Emily and Casey came out for a girls night out!

Leigh Ann, Greg Blais, and me enjoying the party.

Caryn Alvarado and Leigh Ann Hogan were the Merry Marketplace show chairs.

Anne and I at the beginning of the preview party

a part of the Hahira room's amazing how they can turn a 10x10 space of nothing into such beauty!

Lah De Dah, one of my favorite booths! Dawn is so talented!

Savannah Shaw and her ornaments

The new chef at the conference center did the ice sculptures as well as some really great food!

The Merry Marketplace ice sculptures for the night of the Preview Party.

Me and Anne McLeod, the Preview Party chair, at the beginning of a very long, but good day!

Leigh Ann Hogan, the show chair, and Kerry having an early morning grunt session.

Merry Marketplace was a hit as usual this year! It is one of the Valdosta Junior Service Legaue's biggest fundraisers of the year. For 33 years it was an arts and crafts show. Last year, we revamped it and toned down the arts and crafts and gave the local retailers all over South Georgia a chance to shine. It's a one stop shop for Christmas shopping. We had 112 vendors this year and hope to have an even better show next year. It's always the weekend before Thanksgiving so go ahead and mark it on your calendar for next year.
I was the Preview Party co-chair this year. I think it turned out great. The Preview Party is more of a social night. We include a band, heavy hors d'oeuvres, and a chance at early shopping. These are a few pics from the night.
(I did have a couple of rough moments on Friday. Kerry, our security officer for the weekend, was messing with his holster and it flooded my memories of my dad. I started crying and he was so sweet to me. I think being all around Christmas stuff made me even more emotional and I ended up crying at the end of the night. I am glad I got a chance to get it out when I didn't have to be around my family-I don't want it to be more uncomfortable for them. Although Thanksgiving will be the first time since the funeral that my whole big extended family will be together. I'm sure it will be another bitter sweet moment. I would really like to skip the holidays all together if you really want to know the truth. However, I know that's not what he would want.)

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