The kids wanted to all pile in Kristy and Lacy's laps. It was just so funny to watch.
The Butler/Warren/Dixon clan

Sam was in the process of throwing Mary Bennett in the air

Just Precious!! It's so great the kids are getting to play together like we did growing up!

Lynn and her daddy, Ernie having a secret telling moment...

Lynn and her husband

Mandy and Kerry

Sam and Kristy

I got Emma to take a picture with me, but Ella Grace wouldn't sit still long enough!

Aunt Susie and Jay

We found out Emma really likes dressing!

I mean isn't that the cutest !!

There was a whole collaberation of people at Patsy, my uncle's sister, and Ernie's for Thanksgiving. If you don't understand how I am related to them all, you should see my mom's side of the family! It was a good night although I was very exhausted from Merry Marketplace!

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