Babies and Birthdays...March 6th

Happy Birthday Lauren!!
The ladies were chillin around the firepit. Although the day started out warm and got cold quick!

Low Country Boil. The guys were great. They cooked and cleaned!

Lauren walking into her surprise. Her birthday is actually on leap year so we had her party on Feb 27th. There were around 25 people that came out to celebrate her and she was at home with the stomach virus. So we decided to throw a little surprise get together for her the following Saturday.

Me and my BFF Brooke at the baby shower earlier in the day.

Laura Robinson's baby shower for baby Reece.

Little James is checking to see if anyone is going to get on to him for going for the Blackberry on the table.
Some of the hostess' of the shower.

Anthony, Laura's husband, is in the air force.

Opening presents

What a blessing
The yummy's and favors.

the even yummier

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