Shelly has become a great friend and she and her husband, Dr Collins, have become a delightful addition to our church family. She and I think a lot alike which is a funny combo!
Baby Girl #3 will soon be here...Carrigan Marie

My little outfit I got her. Seriously Two Friends (the restaurant) has got to get blinds or curtains on those windows!!!

I teased her the day before and told her that she was going to like my present the best!

Joni (she just found out she was preggers) and me. Her husband does my yard and it makes me so happy to see it look so good and pay him to do it!! Just incase there's any doubt...I don't love outside manual labor.

Kimberly and Alison
Sandra, our Sunday School teacher, and Shelly
After the breakfast I went to Moultrie with Kasey to help Katie to get her nursery ready for baby Cason. When I came back to Valdosta, my friend Missy was in town so we got to hang out at her sister's house. I love Tina and Missy and all the kiddos! It was a very busy day, but a good one!

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