So this is my Best Guy Friend Devin. He left Valdosta when he was 18 to sing Gospel Music full time. He has just joined one of the best groups in Southern Gospel...Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. I hope everyone has a friendship like Devin and mine where we don't have to talk all the time, but when we do it's like no time has ever gone by! I'm so proud of ya, bud!

me with Wayne Haun...EHSS producer, 7 DOVE award nominations in one year, singer, pianist...kinda a jack of all trades.

Me with Ernie Haase! A legend in Southern Gospel music! It was so nice to meet him and chat.

Doug Anderson, me, and Devin McGlamery. The concert was in Middleburg Florida.
The guys had their biggest, little fans come up to them after the show. They didn't get to hear their favorite song so Devin and Doug sang just to them. It was so sweet!!
The little boy told his dad on the way out..."Daddy, he sang my song just for me." It was PRECIOUS!
Devin's parent's held a shirt for him to sign for a fan.
Wayne singing with the guys. It was a very intimate session.
Devin singing his soul out!
It took me a little while to figure out their super cool lighting system.
I know this picture of Devin is blurry, but I can still see his personality shining through!
These guys trully have a sound like no other! What an awesome concert!

Katie Hill's Baby Shower was from 2-4 at Kasey Jones' house.
Her husband surprised her with a big box of presents, one of which was the bedding that she was so excited about.
Cason's first ornament from Merry Marketplace.

I had to get little Cason a "prissy" outfit!
Katie and her Mama...they could be sisters!
I love me some Christy, but I only get to see her every once in a while since they live in FL now.
Kasey and Katie
Katie and me
Katie's presents
The Mommy and Hostess'...Kasey(soon to be Mommy), me, Katie(soon to be Mommy) and Christy
The drink and candy station.
The spread

I love using my Southern Living at HOME products! The rattle and bottle cookies were from a company in Savannah.
The cake from "A Little Piece of Heaven". It turned out really cute and I was good and didn't eat any!
The pretty flowers from Valdosta Greenhouses

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