There's been so much sadness going on lately. I'll be selfish for a brief second and say that I'm sad that a relationship didn't work out for me which hasn't left me in the best of moods. We have had several deaths of Valdosta people in the last few days, 4 of which I knew personally. I think about the people in Nashville, TN whose lives are forever changed by the recent flood. On top of those, the oil spill which has the potential to cause major havoc to our beaches and ocean life. It's very hard to see that God is carrying us through this time...even though I know that he is!! I know that His plan is greater and better than we could ever imagine or fathom, but it's just so difficult to wait on His timing or His plan especially when we have no comprehension of either! Someone told me I hadn't done a lot of blogging on my feelings lately so there's a sample. It hasn't been a good week and I'm glad that it's almost over with. I pray that God will renew my spirit and heal my heart as well as all the others who have been affected by the recent tragedies/losses. It is my prayer that He would make me abundantly aware of all the wonderful things He is trying to do in me. I do thank Him everyday for allowing me to have such amazing friends and family who love me and I can love back. I know/hope one day when His plan has been made complete that I will be able to look back on this post and tell God I'm sorry for ever doubting His perfect plan for me. (Thanks to you know who you are...) I am asking that God just please let me see the candle flicker in my dark tunnel. I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but I just feel like I'm in total darkness sometimes. So that's what I'm asking for...a candle flicker.

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