DISNEY OR BUST!!! 5-26-10

This am we started the journey to "Disney" not Orlando...the girls could only focus on going to Disney. We made it here in great time. The girls were so great watching their movies and for Emma taking a cat nap. There have been so many amazing things that they have said and done today, but I wanna wait to tell you about them when I can upload the pictures. Smart me brought the lap top and camera and iPhone and everything else in the house except the High Definition memory card converter so I can't upload them. I just thought I'd post this to say that we are having a great time! Being with them as they uncover so many firsts is incredible. I am so thankful God blessed me to be their Aunt. Staying in a Hotel room with my brother...or in our case a mini house (Floridays Resort-thumbs up) reminds me of all the beach trips our family took every year. There was one moment where the girls heard someone say "Papa" and they turned to me and said Papa died. They then asked "why did Papa die?" That was difficult. I just said he was in Heaven with Jesus and then they moved onto the next thing. I do wish he was here to see them growing and turning into beautiful little girls. Ofcourse selfishly, I wish he was here for me too. Well, that's enough of that. I am thankful for all those family vacations that I got to take as a child and I'm thankful to be with Chris and Heather and the girls on their family vacation.

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Libby said...

Oooh! I am so jealous! You guys have a wonderful trip! I was so glad to see you this past weekend! You are looking great; keep up the hard work. :)