CABARET 4-24-10

Getting ready for Cabaret...Jan came over to help get me Hawaiian styled and Melanie and Amanda back to the 80s.

Mel with her 80s hair and me with my crazy curls before they got tamed.
Check out these hot 80s ladies.

Amanda, Jan, and me. I think we entertained Jan more than she worked.

So it was the Cabaret Club's Silver anniversary party. Instead of a theme, you could dress from any theme of the past 24 years. It was so funny seeing what people came up with. Nicole Steel dressed in some grunge clothes. She and her husband Adam won the award for the best outfits.

Matt and Holle Roberts as glammed up prom dates.

Justin and Susanna Martin in their Kentucky Derby style.

Chuck and Susan Steel as Ross and Rachel from the tv show Friends when they went to Vegas and got married.
Max and Elizabeth Oliver...Max was Brett Michaels and Liz thought she was just an average rocker chic, but everyone thought she was a ringer for Avril Lavigne.

Todd and Wendy Tillman as Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. So funny!

I'm pretty sure the big smile on my face was from looking at the size of 'Tina's" lips!

Emily Copeland in her glammed up silver cocktail dress.

Love me some Jenny Cochran! Prettiest Pregnant Hawaiian girl I've ever seen.
Stephanie and Thompson Kurrie in their gangster roaring 20s getups.

Glamor, Grunge, and Hawaiian oh my. Rose and Patrick Kerns and me

The bestest showing off our looks.

80s Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen.

Love you friend
Dan Tillman and me
Dan, me, and Ashley. I love these guys. Bless their hearts...they are usually my unofficial dates!

The newlyweds still happy and in love.
Jenny and Josh Carroll from the Dukes of Hazzard.

So Melanie loves to dance. It's a well known fact. Since the band had their own little moves going on, Melanie jumped in.
Tamborine and dancing at the same time.

Love these girls!! Thanks for being so supportive and loving!

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