Oh...the fun begins! Amanda, my business partner, and I headed to Pensacola for a Continuing Education class. We were originally signed up for one in Atlanta...or so we thought. The class was in College Park which we were quickly informed was not a safe place for two young ladies to go. So we switched the class to Pensacola for the next day. This was our first trip together so we both knew we were headed on an adventure. My friend, Mark, used to live in Pcola so he hooked us up with some great places to eat. My new Southbeach "lifestyle" didn't survive on this trip as you can imagine, but I didn't really care. I needed to get out of Valdosta and have a little R & R if even only for two days. Jerry's Cajun Cafe was a success. I'll spare myself by not telling you what we ate, but it was good. The wind was blowing like crazy so my dress looks rather interesting in this pic.

Our Holiday Inn hotel room was so nice!!! Not a resort by any means, but these days when the hotel room is more than just clean, I can't help but get a little excited.

and comfy!!!

My Bliss!!!! I absolutely love the beach. It's my favorite, favorite place. It's truly where I see God! The smell of the salt water, the feel of the breeze and the warmth of the sun, the vastness of the ocean, the ability to lay on the sand and have all my cares just melt away. Thank you God for creating such a blissful place.

I took these pics with my iPhone so there's no zoom. I was trying to capture the waves crashing...the red flag was waving meaning no swimming bc of the strong currents. If you look closely you can kinda see how big they were crashing right at the shore. The lifeguard said they had 6 saves that morning!!!

Amanda and I ready to soak up the sun. I love this pic of us and how the Pensacola Beach ball sign was in the was like I strategically planned it, but I didn't.

The pier

I know you can't really tell what this is, but I thought it was hilarious. We were flipping from one side to the other trying to make sure we didn't fry one side of us. By the end of the day, I was covered in sand...and didn't care one bit. In fact, I didn't even notice all the sand on my legs until I flipped over so I took this pic. (I am a girly girl and don't usually like dirt on me anywhere, but once again...the beach is just so different!)

Driving back to the hotel over the long bridge.

Seriously look at what a pretty day it was! (Another car shot)

My friend told me this was his favorite place to eat. I quickly learned why! Also, we had a really cool experience with the waiter, Marlon. I paid for my meal with my business credit card which says HB Massage, INC on it. So when he came back with our slips to sign, he sat down. At first I got a little nervous, but then he asked who was the Massage Therapist. We said we both were and he told us he's a therapist too. He got burnt out from working at a spa and went back to serving at PLP's. It was a neat experience. He was talking about how he's concerned about his job at PLP's once the oil hits the beach. Sad. We talked to him about getting back into massage so hopefully we were encouraging!

The freshest snow crab legs ever! I asked Marlon why do they even put corn and new potatoes in the bucket. After eating some delicious apps and 1 1/4lb of crab legs, I had no intention of eating them. He laughed.

Amanda is kind of a pro at pulling out the crab meat. You know it's fresh when you can pull a piece out this long.

I was so happy! It was the end of an amazing day!

Me and my new boyfriend. I put this pic on fb and got like 20 comments on how good I looked and the not so great choice I made in a man. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and laughing at the same time.

Me, Pete, and Amanda

Breakfast at the hotel before the class got started. See how fresh and vibrant we looked at 7am!
The class was on releasing the rotator cuff and was really interesting. We learned a lot and have just got to figure out how to put it all into action. We even met a couple of guys in the class that were super helpful when we were trying to figure out if we were doing something right...guys with defined muscles always make better massage models! Although the teacher told me several times that I had really good tendons in my today I will be thankful for that. lol
The road on the way home...goodbye ocean!

It seriously couldn't have been a nicer day to drive in. It was a great trip and even though it's 4 1/2 hrs to Pensacola, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't bat an eye at the chance to go again.

Here's us at the end of the night...not looking so fresh and vibrant! Thanks Amanda for making our first work trip together so great! I'm looking forward to many more!

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

I'm pretty sure I have that same striped shirt in green. Very cute! You do look fabulous, and I'm glad you had a great trip!