The sleepy baby says it all...we left Valdosta at 3am to drive to Jacksonville. Our first flight left at 7am and went to Charlotte, NC.
We actually had a great time passing Annyson back and forth when she was awake to keep her entertained.
Playing with Mommy
All tuckered out.
My seat buddy, Aunt Susie. Mom and Aunt Susie devoured books on our trip. I wish I liked to read like they do.
Jay playing with A while we waited on our 3rd flight to Eugene, OR.
This was on our 5 hr flight from Charlotte to San Francisco, CA. She got a little antsy so Kristy stood up with her in the aisle for a little while.

And then she made herself completely comfortable and sacked out :)

first view of the mountains
the best sight for sore eyes!!! Yes, I cried when I saw her and Jody.
At the Eugene airport
Driving to the coast

My new friend, Charlie Duvall. She and Becca, her mom, sat with me on the van on the way to the coast.

We were all a little stinky after traveling all day, but A was the only one who went right into the bath. hehe

My room
Mom and Aunt Susie's room
Our living room

view from our balcony

view from the living room

Whitney and her niece, Charlie.
The Duvall's house was right on the coast so we got to enjoy some amazing sunsets from their balcony. Jay getting his first feel of his nephew, Harrison. I love catching sweet pics like this.
Sam and Jody taking it all in.

Jody getting some Annyson love.

The girl's were instant friends.
I could eat her up! Jill and Jim Duvall made a fabulous dinner of salad and lasagna for the group. We ate and chatted the night away. It was a great start of our vacation.

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