May 18th. The VJSL end of the year banquet was last night and the new provisional members will get their letters in the mail today. I had a friend call me and give me an update on the banquet and the provisionals so I sat on the balcony and enjoyed this view while we chatted. It was delightful!!!

Loved that Whitney came over every morning in her pjs to hang out with us. Annyson was giving some good, slightly rare, loving snuggling time.

Charlie, came over to play with us for a few minutes this morning. I love how she crosses her feet when she sits. She also loves to point and pick things up with her middle finger which definitely makes us laugh. She is exactly what her shirt says...a little charmer!

Kristy playing with Charlie.

We finally got ready and headed over to The Duvall's for leftovers for lunch. We decided a friendly game of dominoes was a good idea. It was a pretty day, but the wind was chilly and a little strong. We braved it for half of the game and then headed inside.

Annyson was a little sleepy

The girls were ready to play! Annyson was having naked time.

Love those thighs!
Sweestest moments captured on film...

Jim helping Jill change Charlie's poopy diaper. Sorry, it just made me giggle.
Whitney and Becca will both be having baby boys!
I loved taking her pic when she didn't know it.
I was throwing her up in the air and she loved it!
Baby Shower time

Playing the game to guess how big Whit's belly was...
It got rather funny!
A beautiful sight...oh how we've prayed for a baby to be in that belly!

Lots of little ducky stuff for the Oregon Ducks couple.
He can go to work with Daddy.
Aunt Susie's gift...
Charlie and her Daddy, Jordan

God, you are amazing!
We wrote notes to baby Harrison...
Tear Jerker

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