Putting April to an end...

This week was extremely hectic. I had dinner with Stacey on Tuesday night which was fun as usual. We did chair massage at the Georgia Power health fair on Wednesday from 7-10am. I attended my second "hot spots" meeting of the CrossPointe Singles Ministry. We talked about God's will and I met a few new friends. Thursday night I was dogsitting for the Moorman's and Bear got out from the backyard. We had an awful storm that day and it blew the gate open. About an hour after I had a small meltdown, a neighbor in the back of Stone Creek called and said she had Bear. The rest of the week has fun pictures to go along with their explanations.
Side note-I posted this post last week and just realized today that it hadn't posted. Sorry for the delay to my faithful readers. 4-29-11 Things sure are a lot different now that someone is preggers! We ate dinner, watched The Royal Wedding, and Stacey and Baby Bass passed out before I knew it. Her two pups were enjoying the snuggly time. Max is the brown small furball by her arm and Bella, the newest addition, is the black furball at her feet.
4-30-11 We had a going away party for Justin, Libby and Addie as they head off to Johns Hopkins for his residency. Rylin and Addie love playing together. They were born 2 weeks apart.
Brooke has gotten Karsyn saying Hollaaeeerrr. (It loses translation when it's typed, but trust me, it's funny.) She had a gash on her head that was healing so she wore a hat to not get sun on it. I think she's sportin the Valdosta Middle School look. (That's where Brooke teaches.)
So glad we will always be friends no matter what!
Karsyn was enamored with Nole, Kari Anne and Chaz's new puppy.

I'm glad we have Brooke and Robbie to race with the kids to wear them out. Aunt Heather will always be a priss!
All the Girls...Kari Anne, Allison, me, Libby w Addie, Brooke w Rylin and Karsyn

Seriously Guys??? They were playing golf on their iPhones against each other.
Cabaret 2011-the theme was College Days so you saw a little bit of everything. Leigh and Lake Jordan. I wouldn't have even recognized Lake had he not been standing next to Leigh. That's funny stuff.
me, Caryn Alvarado-rockin' the 80's look, and Liz
Elizabeth and Max won the award for most spirited...they were dressed from the movie Revenge of the Nerds
Love me some Quinny!
Becky and Mabry Smith in their trashtastic Gator fan outfits.
Delta Chi little sisters...Heather, me, and Lee Beth (the guys were there, but I didn't attempt to get them in a photo.)
Liz and I at her house before Cabaret. I'm so thankful she always includes me as her third wheel and never makes me feel like one!

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