A Saturday of Blessings 5-14-11

Curry Anderson's baby shower at Dawn Rodgers home from 11-1. It was a rainy day and she definitely got showered with blessings!

Emily Tillman and Curry
Love my friend! She is an amazing woman of God and will be an amazing Mother to Baby Brooker!
Some of the Valdosta crew
Curry's Mama, Charlotte, pretending with the new jog stroller
Jan and I were set to go to Wild Adventures Saturday night to hear Mercy Me. Jan has been a friend since kindergarten and I'm thankful for her! I had reserved tickets, but they weren't in the best area. My friend, Marilois, posted on fb that she wasn't going to be able to go and someone could use her tickets. She gave me her third row seats for free. What a blessing!
The Generous Mr Lovewell Tour Backdrop


This guy had some pipes! He didn't strike me as a tenor, but wow!

Bart Millard, the lead singer, is incredibly talented with a heart to serve God. He's also really funny! I read his twitter posts and he constantly entertains me.

Until I can figure out how to upload my iPhone videos on here, I'll post a YouTube video of Mercy Me. The concert really was like a worship service...especially when Bart lead us all in Redeeming Love

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