Mother's Day 2011

My brother, Chris, my Mama, and me after lunch at Longhorn. (second year in a row)
Heather with her daughters

I think Aunt Susie accidentally closed her eyes, but it looks really sweet in the pic so I'm posting it. :)
Kristy's first official Mother's Day
Happy Family
Sam with his Mama
Funny story...Since this is the first Mother's Day that I wouldn't be at the same church as my mom, I thought it would be sweet to get her a corsage to go along with her present. I got it at Winn Dixie Saturday evening. They had red ones and white ones in the case. I didn't know what she would be wearing so I just went with the white one. Little did I know that you wear white ones when your Mother is deceased and red ones if your mother is still living. I told Mom to take it off, but she said no. I think she didn't want to hurt my feelings. Sorry Grandma! Good thing she doesn't read my blog! lol

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living, My Mommy you'll be.

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