Lady Antebellum!!!

6-11-11 Wild Adventures to see Lady Antebellum with my best friend, Stacey.
Three hot Ladies!!! Seriously it was like 100 degrees, but so worth it. Lacey, Stacey, and me before the show.

Charles, Hillary, and Dave (Charles and Dave are from Augusta, GA)

Dave can play a ton of instruments!
I love the passion behind their singing.

Check out her shoes...sparkly HIGH heels.

They sang some clips of songs that they wrote and other artists have recorded. Hillary was singing Stronger which Sara Evans has recorded. I love hearing all the back stories of the artists and seeing just how talented they are!
I will meet them one day soon!

Having a little fun!
"Need You Now"

At the end of a very hot night and sitting in Wild Adventures parking lot traffic for 1 1/2 hrs and I'm still smiling! I LOVE Lady A!! Now I'm contemplating a dive in a swimming pool :)

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