Random Fun

6-5-11 Sunday Funday at Aunt Susie's. We put Annyson down for a nap after lunch and then we watched a movie. Annyson's nap was about 45 min and then she was raring to go.

Aunt Susie/Grandma disappeared with A and came back with her dressed like this.
Aunt Susie was tickled at her, but Annyson was less than amused.
Eating an old hacky sak of Jay's and holding a Dukes of Hazard car.

Kristy was snapping these with my phone and A was quickly trying to get to her.

The end of the hacky sak

The happy parents

6-8-11 Stacey, Jen, Lauren, and I went to help Kasey pack up her house. They bought a house and are moving soon. We all got to love on Veyda. Stacey was feeding her before bedtime so I snapped this pic and sent it to her husband, Brian, with the caption "this is gonna be a reality soon". He replied back "she's probably gonna come out that big too." We all burst into laughter!

6-10-11 I've been cleaning out my closets and drawers lately. This is how many t-shirts I own after I purged. Ridiculous. I don't even like t-shirts. lol

6-11 and 6-12 I ended the weekend by housesitting for the Moormans which included lots of pool time! Saturday, Heather and I laid out by ourselves and Sunday, Heather and the girls came over. They are really progressing in their swimming abilities. I can't wait to see how well they do after a week of real swim lessons. No pictures were captured during these poolside events. :)

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