5-21-11 Me and my Mama in the van on the way to graduation

What a cool place!

We are all so proud!!!
Jody Nicholas Duvall
Shaking hands with the President

The happy couple

Jody and his grandparents
Jody with his sister, Jessie, and brother, Jordan
The Duvall's
Grandma Jill and Charlie
"Aunt Kristey" and Annyson
After Graduation, we headed over to the stadium for a reception. Annyson found some graduate ducks to play with.
The stadium was amazing!

Love it!!!

Jay playing with Annyson...with her bow in his hair
I was across the room and got busted taking his pic. lol
They are always so happy when they are together!
After the reception, we went back to Whitney & Jody's house for a catered barbecue dinner. It was delish!

The Mama's and the Daughters
Bean is no longer the favorite grandchild. lol. Although he's still Jay's buddy

The Out West clan
The South Georgia clan
Jody with both of his sweet!
Well, it was sweet for a moment
So proud of this guy!
Brotherly love??!!

Annyson and Aunt Whitney
Whitney with her nieces.
All the Mama's

Grandpa Jim

The boys were quite comical trying to get a good photo!

Time for presents. This was a collage of Jody growing up that his Mama made him.
The card I got him that sang and talked. I was so proud that it made him laugh...
and her laugh!!!
the gross card from his brother

I'm so thankful to have met Becca! She's an angel!!!
Amanda and her fiance Dave
Dave, Angela, and Amanda
Dave fighting the evil...tree/root/plant??? We weren't really sure what it was!
So pretty
The GA crew, except for Jay and me, went back to the hotel and the Duvall's stayed and chatted for a while. I will never forget this night. They are all such loving people. I'm so thankful Whitney has them in her life. Once they left Jay and Jody had a little brother in law bonding via video games. I love Jody's stonecold face simply bc it's so not real! Whitney and I went to bed! It was a long, but wonderful day.

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