5-20-11 Friday and last am at the coast :( There was an early morning breakfast and some frantic packing going on! Well, for some of us it was a little frantic. Aunt Susie was getting ready so Whitney and I sat with her, entertained Annyson and chatted. (Maybe she won't kill me for posting this pic)
Our matching pj's!!! No, we didn't plan it. We just have great taste! I've had mine longer which is why they don't look as crisp as hers. Silly thing-our matching pjs, but somehow it just made me smile inside. I've always felt like Whitney was like a sister and I definitely love her that much!

Well, actually Annyson entertained herself. She pulled my Mom's pj's out from her suitcase and played with them.

Trying to get Grandma's curling iron.
We arrived at Whitney & Jody's house in Eugene. We were waiting on Jim & Jill to get to the house with Jody's sister, Jessie, who had flown in today.

love my new "family" /friends

The grass at Whitney & Jody's was so green and lush. The babies had been cooped up long enough and were ready to crawl.
Ok, forgive me for the photo session of Annyson, but it was so much fun and I impressed myself. (Helps when you have a good subject too!)
Pretty sure this was Charlie's "I'm ready to roam" face!
It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and actually got a little too warm for some.

I love that the babies were trying to get to each other!
They weren't so cooperative for these shots.
and they're off.

The brothers chillaxin

Charlie had a nice spitup so Becca put her in one of the new outfits I bought her. Love that girl!
Love this girl too!
We swear she almost did a pull up


Me and ButterBean
Drinking some of Grandma's water. See it dripping down her chin?

The avid readers! Maybe one day my brain will work like that again. They must've read between 15-20 books between them this week!
The next 4 scenery pics and the one of Whit driving are a little out of order. They were taken on our drive from Bella Beach to Eugene.

I think I'm getting pretty good pics from my iPhone through a van window!
Whitney's company let her borrow a 9 passenger van for our trip. We were supposed to take a group pic in front of it, but forgot. We didn't drive that many places, but she was so cute behind that big van wheel. There was a lot of estrogen in that van, except for Harrison of course. The guys rode together in Jody's car. On our way to Eugene, we stopped in Salem to pick up the dogs from Uncle Rob's and ate at Burgerville. (I think that's what it was called) Well, it had the coolest thing about it...the calories, fat grams, carbs, and fiber amts were printed on your receipt. It was not cool that my burger, fries, and chocolate shake were almost 1500 calories!!! Yikes. Let's just say I gave my fries to my mom and the shake to my Aunt!
The hospital, Sacred Heart, where Harrison will be born. It's only a few minutes away from their house.
We dropped most of the crew off at the hotel and Whitney and I took the big van to go pick up her crib/toddler bed. They told her it wouldn't fit in the Subaru & she thought, "it can't be that big". Well, it was. Holy moly. The guy had to unlock the hinge on the back of the big van so the doors swung fully open in order to get it in there! While Whitney was outside, I was super stealth and bought her some little gifts off her registry. PeePee TeePee's, an owl stroller toy, and a blankee.
We met everyone at Hop Valley for dinner. Jay wanted to eat a little lighter since we had been eating so much all week. He ordered a club sandwhich and this is what he got. Yes, he had leftovers!!!
I, on the other hand, was feeling the need for some comfort food. Fried chicken with gravy and cream cheese sweet corn. No, I didn't finish it either!
The slightly older adults took the babies home so the slightly younger adults could have some play time. These are some of the closest, most loving siblings I know!
The other siblings. Jody, Jordan, and Jessie
Really love it when Kristy and I get to have bonding time. My face was red bc, believe it or not, I was hot! I think I understand the "layering" thing now. Anyways, a good time was had by all. Jody, Whitney, Jay and I went back to their house to get some rest before the big graduation day.

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

Those are definitely pictures to be proud of. I'm glad ya'll had such a good time.