We started off on Friday at Charlie Trippers for the Bridesmaids Luncheon. It was such a beautiful day out.

Liz and her maid of honor, Fran Lee.
Liz with her niece Gwenyth after she opened her presents for being the flower girl.
ok , i know Liz's eyes were closed, but it was the only pic we took at the bridesmaids luncheon together.
Meredith Bechtel and I grew up together and it was so great being able to hang out with her for an entire weekend! I will be very sad when her family moves to Macon.

The rehearsal: This is the choir loft of the church in Quitman where the honorary bridesmaids and groomsmen sat. The preacher said we looked like a "pretty jury"
Liz and her dad practicing walking down the aisle.
Max and Liz
Liz's Aunt Betty is a trip. She can play the piano like no one's business and was a great source of entertainment!
Jessica and I became instant friends a while back and had a great time hanging out with each other this weekend. Too bad she doesnt live in Valdosta!

The Dinner:
I love Rose and Patrick Kerns!!! Rose and her family have been so great to me over the years and now Rose and I are great friends! I was so excited they came to the dinner. Patrick actually built the plantation where the dinner was.
Liz and I will always be the best of friends no matter where life takes us!

Yustega Plantation...I know the picture is blurry but the house is just so beautiful. It has such southern charm and elegance.
Liz and her mom
Me and Fran Lee...Fran's mom, Alicia West Lee is from Hopeful right around the corner from where my mom grew up! Too small of a world.
Thomas & Leigh Walker
Ceil Parramore, Fran Lee, me and Jessie Newman at the dinner

Picture time:

Isn't she beautiful?!!!
Liz's other niece, Shelby
The church was tiny but had such great character.

Liz taking a breather before the cermony begins.
Sisters in law
I love you friend!!
Me and Nicole go way back!
Gwenyth was eating a little snack with her cousin Jessie

The Reception:
We rode a "party bus" to the reception.
We just couldnt get away from each other, lol!
High School friends, Lauren, Meredith, and Leigh
Max and Liz sharing a moment with all 15 of us looking on. hehe
John Ashley and Ceil Parramore

Ok these ladies are very infamous. Amy King. Rebecca Moseley. me and Wendy Tillman. I knew when we took this picture it was going to be on the blog and so they needed a good story to go with. Whether they know it or not, these ladies have blessed me through different time periods of my life and I am thankful for their godly wisdom. I am so glad my camera still had some battery juice left so we could take this picture! Love you Ladies!
Their first dance
The scenery at the lodge was just beautiful. It screamed fall, but in the most elegant of ways.
me, Ceil, April, Nicole, and Jessie
I mean look how pretty! (and I dont even like orange)

The buffet was so pretty and so good! The menu was Thanksgiving dinner and it was amazing. I will be ordering some from Covington's to take to my family on Thanksgiving. (not quite up to cooking any of dad's masterpieces just yet)


Hannah Hoffmann said...

Love your dress!

Bechtel Family said...

Love the pictures! You got alot of good ones! Hope to see you soon!:)