Saturday Oct 18, 2008

Amanda and me
Emily(Junior), Emily, and me

me and Tara(she's sporting her new beautiful brunette hair!)

Jake(Tara's boyfriend, who lets me call him my boyfriend)
Mary Alison was tailgating with her family. She rather enjoyed making a mess with her orange cupcake!

Alison(Mary Alison's mom) and I had a great time catching up!

I knew my uncle used to be a KA but I had never seen his composite picture in the KA house before. I was tickled and ofcourse had to take a picture!

My friend Anne and I have been working so hard on the Merry Marketplace Preview Party. It was great to get to see her and not have to talk about MM.

Quinn walked by our tailgate and I couldnt resist the photo opp!

Angie and I at the back of the KA house. Jay thought he would be funny by getting in the pic sort of like a Where's Waldo kind of thing.

It was a beautiful day- the sun was shining, the weather was cool and good friends were all around! Not to mention the Blazers won the football game!

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KateVonGlahn said...

Wow, Sam looks so much like that picture of Scott.