Kristy and her sister Brooke. We had Kristy's family birthday party on Saturday. Her sister and brother in law and her mom and dad got to come down from Marietta. It was great!
Happy Birthday Kristy! I love you!
The moms, Aunt Susie and Kim
Janae and Katherine
Self explanatory

Mary Bennett wanted to help her open her presents
Then Ella Grace wanted to help
Now everyone pitches in
Brooke and me! I was so excited when I saw her!
Kristy in her element!
Ray and Lacy

By far the cutest picture of the day!!
Me and my adorable Heather

Brooke and Emma

Kristy and Emma. I think she was thinking...I'm not sure about this.
Brooke was protecting the girls from the dogs. It was the first time they met her and they loved her.

Patsy and Ella Grace
Mary Bennett was riding Bailey like a horse. It was pretty funny.
Kristy and Brooke did a great job trying to get the girls to not be scared of the dogs!
Oh I can't wait for them to turn 3. Maybe they won't stick their fingers in their mouths then!

They were so cute sitting with each other. Lacy said if we could get them to do hear no evil, see no evil, speak no would be even more cute! I think they are gonna be such good friends like I am with my cousins!
Another photo opp!

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I love all of the fun pictures.