me and Ceil Parramore
Merritt Giles was the source of our entertainment for the night!

Liz an Max had people over to their house on the 26th. It was so incredibly laid back and a good time was had by all. Liz works like a maniac at Steel's over the holidays so it was nice to decompress with friends! There were about 20 of us. The guys mostly stayed outside around the grill and the girls...

We had the best time chatting and catching up. Me, Ceil, Jessie Newman, and Liz


Jeff Gandy said...

Merritt Giles has been in several weddings we have shot. He always turns into a very entertaining subject to shoot before the night is over.
Thanks for the link to our site. We get alot of hits from your blog. I feel like I should be paying you it's so popular! Have a great day, Jeff.

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Girl, you party more than anyone else I know!