The Valdosta Daily Times is having its annual Best of South Georgia Contest. Serenity Massage Therapy was nominated as Best Massage Therapist. Ofcourse, we are thrilled! Last year we got nominated and were so pleased. Unfortunately, we did not win. So this year, I am asking all my faithful readers to help out. Please go to and click on the blue ribbon that says Best of South Georgia. If you have never voted before, you will have to register before you can vote. They are trying to keep it fair so that one person can't vote a bunch of times. The voting started yesterday and ends on Feb 4th. Thanks!
PS...We were nominated for Best Day Spa as well. However, since we are not technically a day spa, I am not encouraging anyone to vote for us on that.


DOJ Momma said...

You got my vote sista :)

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Done! I hope you win!

KateVonGlahn said...

Congratulations! Yay!