" My Bestest" Amanda, Melanie, and Me
Melanie showing off her Happy New Year head attire. She thankfully took them off after I took this pic!
Soon to be Mr and Mrs Dan Tillman
Eric Kolisz
Tommy and Teresa Johnson
The crew celebrating at midnight!
The Moormans...Ashley and Melanie
Brandi and me
Me and Brandi and Courtney Woodward
Tommy & Brandi Hobby
Elliot Fann, me, and Ashley

Ashley Moorman

Party #2 was at Rose and Patrick Kerns house. It was a little older crowd than me, but also so much fun! I love that I have so many different friend groups! Thanks God for all my friends...They were all such a big help to me making it through 2008.

Party #1 was at Lake Pappy courtesy of Eric and Emily Tillman. I had so much fun for only being there a little over 2 hours.

Amanda and Kirby(the first time I met Kirby-she teaches with Heather and her husband works for Chris-they are both very nice!)

Rozie Pounds and Wes Simpson ( Wes was trying not to take pictures this night because he knew he wouldnt be able to say no at their wedding on Sat.)

Morgan, Lacey, Julie, Marty, Emily and me

Lindsey and Justin Purvis

Me and Lindsey Davis, Amanda Lanier, and Kirby Biddle. The girls had so much fun hanging out inside while the boys were outside around the fire.

Rozie brought one of her wedding present blenders down to the farm. This was the cute picture before the blender went crazy.

Emily and Eric Tillman

Lacey Stephens

me and Marty

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