Christmas Day was spent in Camilla at my Grandparents house. I always enjoy riding over there with the Valdosta cousins. This was right before me and Sam and Christy took a nap on the couch! Thankfully Aunt Susie has that pic on her camera and it won't be posted on my blog! hehe
Uncle Jim wouldnt let me take his picture so I am getting even with him by posting this pic of him eating.

Some of the family eating

Me and Aunt Ann. She gave me a necklace for Christmas that is a circle pendant and it has words written on top. It says A circle of love kept by God and held together forever. It was describing family. I wear it all the time. Thanks Aunt Ann!

Such a great picture!!

Cowboy, the horse and Tractor Sam (that's what the girls call him)

Kristy and Emma walking to see the cows

Ella Grace running to me...gosh I really love my girls!

Emma Catherine Butler 2years old

Ella Grace Butler 2 years old

Chris doesn't like to have his picture taken. I was trying to pretend I was just taking Ella Grace's picture, but he caught on. He told her to say Don't do that Aunt Heather. It was pretty funny until she said it about something else later that night!
Kristy reading to sweet!
Emma and Mary Bennett

Jay, Aunt Susie and Sam

Mary Bennett

Kristy, Lacy and me outside before the prayer. At 3pm on Christmas Day, the entire family gathers together holds hands and Grandaddy prays. He wasn't feeling well so Aunt Emily prayed and did a great job. She did start the waterworks though!

Sorry Lacy! Caught you in the act of singing I'm a little teapot!
Aunt Ann and Ella. Aunt Ann helped take care of the girls so we could play cards. (which I am the reigning Rigsby Phase 10 winner from Thanksgiving and Christmas and am expecting my trophy from Uncle Scott!)
My sweet Aunt Clair!
Emma and Ella Grace had just had their bath and Emma's hair was all over the place. We spend Christmas night at my brother and sister in law's house.

Even though my eyes are closed, I love this picture!

The girls were opening their presents from Gigi.

Heather's new wallet I gave her.

I bought Heather this cute Liz purse when I was in Columbus over Thanksgiving. The girls fought over who was going to get to carry it first. It's already starting!

The girls diggin in their toyboxes for more surprises!

The toyboxes I gave them for Christmas. Ansley Bolton Edenfield did such a fabulous job painting them!

At the end of a very long day!!! I absolutely LOVE my sister in law, Heather!


Rigsby said...

I am working on the trophy. Nice blog! Happy New Year!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

I loved seeing these pictures since we weren't there. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

gee, I feel like I was with your entire family, and out on the farm. So interesting. Keep up the great blog. will call for my hot stone treat soon. Grammy