Funday. Ray had taken home videos from Aunt Emily and converted them to DVD's. It was so hilarious to watch! We got to see old clips of my dad and Uncle Ray and Uncle Stanley. It made me miss them all so much, but it reminded me also of all the great times we had together.

Jay had fun playing with Mary Bennett. He was throwing her up in the air and it was just adorable!

Ray and Lacy have a thing called Sunday Funday where they hang out with friends and play games and usual dress up in some crazy attire. Since lunch was at their house, we made a Sunday Funday out of it, without the clothes. This pic is only funny to the people there, but I had to post it.

A new game we played called, "would you rather"

Mary Bennett decided she wanted to get in on some of the action!

Sam making himself right at home!

Me and Aunt Susie.

Angie and Aunt Susie enjoying some good eats!

Me and Mary Bennett(Ray and Lacy's daughter) I was trying to be festive since it was the Sunday before Christmas, but it was 80 degrees!!!

Sam and Kristy acting like their cute usual selves.

Ray and Lacy hosted lunch for the family on Sunday! They are both really good cooks...although there was some questionable bread from Ray's grill. (hehe-at least I didn't post the picture of it!)

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