My best friends from childhood and still going strong! We ended the dinner at my house for dessert and playing dirty Santa.
Brooke, me, Kari Anne, Miranda, Allison and Libby

I had to see how many parties I could bring the shirt to. It got a definite laugh at each one. I told Brooke after we played dirty Santa that I had a very special present for her. Clearly you can see she thought it was funny!

Dinner at Chaz and Kari Anne's house. It was oh so yummy!

Libby, minus Justin, Miranda, Jeffrey and Allison

The lovely hosts of the dinner portion, Chaz and Kari Anne

The table looked so good!


Addie and Rylin playing sweetly together

Jeffrey and Robbie doing the dishes...main do we have these guys trained!

Flying Rylin

MoMo and Rylin having a moment!

Aunt Christie,sorry I don't know how to spell the name Rylin calls you was so sweet to come over with her friend Amy and watch Rylin so Mommy and Daddy could have a night out.

Rylin and Addie having their first Christmas together. They both had ear infections so they weren't all that happy.

Chaz got a video camera for Christmas and decided to video EVERY aspect of the party!

Sweet Rylin looked so pitiful with her ear infections. I have never seen her be unhappy!

Robbie, Brooke and Rylin at their house for the start of the progressive dinner. Very appetizing appetizers!

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