Gigi reading to the girls

Ella Grace and Emma apparently wanted to take pics of the cows...I was inside playing cards.

Although they don't look estatic in this pic...they love tractors. They even call my cousin Sam, Tractor Sam, ever since they saw him on his. They warmed up to their great grandaddy when he offered to take them outside to see the cows and tractors!

Rocking on great Grandma's front porch

Playing ring around the rosie

Ella Grace


I love it! Thank God for my nieces!!!

One of my favorites!

Heather and her girls

The start of our photo session outside on Thanksgiving day. Heather and Ella Grace

Ella Grace

Emma running to see her Aunt Heather! Wow was God shining down on me!

Gigi playing with the girls- How precious!

My friends Kasey and Casey sent me this plant the day before Thanksgiving to add some cheer to my life!

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

What great pictures! I love the one of you and the girls. All three of you are beautiful!