We ended the night with some PG fun by riding on the golf cart around Stone Creek and looking at Christmas lights. The boys really liked them especially Mills! This is Ashton and Melanie.
Mills and Melanie. Not sure what that face was all about, but he was excited!

Sweet Mills
Bay and Ashton
The Moorman Boys
I told yall I was gonna see how many people I could gag gift this shirt to! Ashley was not happy since he thought the shirt was the only thing in his bag. He was pleased with his gift card!
Mel opening her present
Mills was happy with his movie...or maybe just happy that he got to rip open a present.

Ashton, Bay, and Mills opening their presents from me. Thankfully there were some good kids movies that came out in November/December that were perfect gifts for the boys. Last year I spent Christmas Eve with the Moormans helping Melanie wrap the boys presents. It was only fitting that I go spend time with them this year. (not to mention that the movies I bought them were on their list to Santa so I had to get them to them before Santa came) I also was in a not so great mood and I knew those boys would perk me right up. I was supposed to go to church with the family and have dinner with them at Patsy's, but I just couldn't motivate myself to do it. I was very sad and missing my dad and just wanted to skip Christmas all together. I hope my family understands that and I that I do love them.
Emily and I always sit at our office on Christmas Eve incase anyone needs a last minute gift card. We used to order Steak Out, which used to be around the corner, and have it delivered. It made us gigle. This year Emily had to go get our lunch, but I have to admit Slap Daddy's is mighty yummy! We left the office and went to Kohl's to do some last minute shopping. It was a great day.

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