I know some of you get impatient when I don't update, so here it is. My liquid diet. On Sunday, I caught a stomach bug or food poisoning or a little of both. I'm not really sure. So for the past 3 days my caloric intake has been gatorade! The only reason I am smiling in this picture is because I can't not smile in a picure. I am sitting at my desk at work praying that the lovely 50 calories per 4 servings in this bottle will help me make it through my next 2 massages! I hope you all are doing much better than I am!!


The Warren Family said...

How do I reply to people's posts? When I write something and click "Post Comment" nothing happens!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Ooh, Kris had it a few weeks ago. No fun! Hope you feel better really soon! You still look great!

Leslie said...

I am sorry you are feeling bad. I hope you get better soon!