The card playing gang. 4 of us were playing Phase 10 and and the other 4 were playing Spades. I decided to go back to the College and Career Department when we reorganized Sunday School classes at the first of December. This was our first big get together.

I've never had a friend named Tiffany until now!

Courtney and Kelly
Some of the guys after they ate their yummy pizza.

Sharon and Miranda
Emily, Tiffany, and Holly
Not sure what Jeffrey was doing, but I love when I capture funny pics unintentionally. I was trying to catch the guys in the action of playing the Wii. We had 2 Wii's 1 Playstation a movie and cards going! It was a lot of fun!
A blurry action shot...the guys were playing bowling.

Allison and Jeffrey setting up the Wii
Kathy, Miranda, and Kelly

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