Me and Lauren, the Mommy to be. My day started with Lauren's shower from 9-11
the spread... too bad my diet wouldn't allow me to eat any of it. Well, I did eat some of the spinach quiche that I got from Covington's just without eating the crust.

Opening her high chair.
Check out all her goodies. Little Michael Solomon is definitely blessed.

Me and Lauren and Sandra, our Sunday School teacher and host home for the shower

Next it was off to sweet, Rylin Kate's 2nd Birthday party. She was on the slide of her bounce house. It was from 10-11:30 so I made my own party time of 11-12:30

Rylin's Pap and Nana jumpin in the bounce house.

Check out that big thing!

Addie, Justin and Libby's daughter, was exploring the yard.

Addie and Rylin hugging goodbye.

Rylin giving baby sister, Karsyn, a kiss.

Nana and Karsyn

Mommy and big girl!

Driving her new present from Pap and Nana. She was very unsure of it at first, but definitely got the hang of it. It was a beautiful day so it actually felt nice to be outside.

Aunt Heather and Rylin

So stinkin cute

Then at night, a baby shower for Charlie and Katherine Freeman at Brandy and Justin McCrary's home. Their little baby Trey was born early, but is at home now, and is one beautiful little boy.

It was a couples baby shower so Charlie helped open the presents.

We had a video to watch of pictures of Katherine's growing belly and shots of she and Trey and Charlie at the hospital in Macon. It was really sweet.
Everyone was ready to chow down.
Jake and Tara

Tara, and me, and Trista

Emily and Sam, friends for life!

Sam, Kristy, and Baby Warren...wait for the next post to see what sex Baby Warren is!

Love you Cousin!
so cute

all the Ladies

The beautiful orchid that Casey and Kasey sent me for Valentine's Day.

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