I haven't had to express my feelings much on my blog since I've been expressing them in my Bible Study group. I am so thankful for these women! Soon after Dad passed away, my sweet friend Emily Hunt made a post on fb about how excited she was to start the Beth Moore Bible Study on Esther. I asked the details and told her that I would love to take part. Well, she bought my book and started what has been a huge blessing in my life. I've been in B.S. with the same ladies, give or take a few, for now my 5th study. The studies have been right on with what God was doing in my life. The group consists of women from 25 to 60something. They are all so warm and friendly. We share our prayer concerns and I know they are being prayed over! They also share their hearts and knowledge each week. They have heard me cry more times than I would like to think about and yet still welcome me with their loving thoughts and hugs each time. So thank you ladies for being facilitators of my journey of healing and spiritual growth! I pray God blesses each one of you!

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