A moment he will treasure forever!

A moment they will treasure forever.

Daddy ready for the photo shoot now.
Ella Grace's first Father Daughter Dance...she did this pose on her own!
Outside pics

Emma and me

Ella Grace and me
Look at the little Southern Belles
Emma Catherine's first Father Daughter Dance

if you could only hear us trying to direct them, you would understand why these pictures are a must and why they are so funny.

About as good as it gets!

The McLane girls that live across the street came over to take pictures with the girls. They love them!

Addie's 2nd Birthday Party

About as good as it gets when she only sees me maybe 4 times a year.
Tally, or TaTa, or Allison with Addie and her new ball.

They saved the big, mobile present for last.
Opening her present from me. I think Libby was more excited about it than Addie was, but one day she'll understand.

She was giving her new stuffed animal some love.
The gift bags were as big as she was!
Addie and Rylin enjoying their bite size cupcakes.
A very large cupcake with a big candle for Addie to blow out. It was kind of a funny scene. Libby kept telling her "don't touch" so Adie kept backing away from the cupcake.
so cute...Addie went around giving people high fives.
Rylin and me
Jeffrey and Allison...We were so thankful that Addie could have her birthday party at their house in Valdosta!
Brooke with baby Karsyn
This was so sweet! Rylin walking hand in hand with Addie taking her to the table to eat lunch. I can imagine there might be a similar picture of Brooke and Libby holding hands at that age!
Allison's door decorated for her niece.

Lacey Stephens...we finally know it's a shower

Love you Lacey!!
Her present from Jiggy, Jill Davis.
Lacey opening her present from me
Emily Tillman is the hostess with the mostess for sure!

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