It's official...It's a GIRL!! Annyson Rigsby Warren is on the way!
A few of their friends met at Loco's on the day of the unltrasound for the big news. We were all supposed to wear the color of our guess. My pink scrubs were a winner! I was really thankful that I was family so I could hear the good news that morning. I told her that night that if I could wake up to good news every morning, I would be a very pleasant person!

Kristy, Uncle Jay, and Sam

Tim & Amanda Miller and Tara & Jake Purvis. Tara wore pink and blue although she already knew it was a girl.
This is when Kristy told everyone. They all had blue on! Although Jeanna thought it was a girl, but said she didn't have a pink top to wear.

Janae got Annyson this cute little top. We all said it looks like something she would wear.

Kristy forgot the ultrasound pics so everyone got to see them on my phone from the email that Kristy had sent the family earlier in the day.

Tara and Brittny

Proud Daddy to be!

Look at Uncle Jay's face!