Happy Birthday Emily! I pray you had a great day! Love!! So my dear, sweet friend Emily wouldn't let me take any pictures of her when I came over to give her presents to her. So these two of Heath and their first child, Mattie, will have to do. I tell Heath it's disgusting that he let's Mattie give him kisses and Emily says this is what actually happens...
He's smiling about it!

Snow in South Georgia!!! So I know you folks may be used to getting snow in North Georgia or other parts of the USA, but we are not! The last time we had snow in Valdosta was in 1989. I remember specifically because my parents owned a black buick at the time and it was around Christmas. My Dad parked the car under the carport, gathered snow to cover the top and wrote Merry Christmas in the snow. It was an amazing memory that I will never forget.

It was falling so fast and they were like quarter size flakes!

not the best picture, but hey I think I did good for never taking pics of snow falling in Valdosta!

snow pretty!

I was at The Potter's House Christian bookstore buying some cards when a customer that was leaving says, hey it's really snowing out here now. It had been predicted on the weather channel, but snow in Valdosta is about like the rumors of an Olive Garden coming to town...the story has been going on for years without coming to fruition! While I was stopped at the red light, I snapped this picture.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks :) I loved my presents and thanks for putting up with my vanity!