Heath and Emily and me at our massage school's 20th anniversary. It was held at the Hotel Duval which had been completed renovated from the Radisson where my graduation was held 8 years ago. It was so neat being in a room with over 100 Massage Therapists!
Me and my friend Mark. He's done some pretty incredible things since he graduated like going on to get his Master's degree, having his thesis majorly recognized and working with the Wounded Warriors Program.

Three out of the 12 classmates from Spring 2002! Barbara and Jamie and you guys!
Jamie has also gone on to become a teacher at the school. He has a great heart!
Sorry about the blur...the lighting was weird. This is George Kousaleos, the founder of my school. His wife put together a slide show of the years and how the teachers had changed and then mixed in some pictures of students. Well, let's just say it was hilarious seeing my short short bleach blonde hair w my big red lipstick wearing self on the big screen.

This guy was a past graduate and entertained us for a little while. I thought this action pic was funny!
My cousin Ray and Lacy had their second child's baby dedication on 1-24.

Bubba is growing! He was checking out the twins when I caught this shot.

If ever two children loved is these two. They are enamored with babies. It's sweet.

My precious Ella Grace and me.
Aunt Susie got Bubba to talk to her and laugh. It was so stinkin cute!

Aunt Susie and Bubba

Aunt Katie, Lacy's sister, and Bubba

My Aunt Emily with her grandson.

The girls had so much fun playing together.

Once again...they couldn't get enough of Bubba!

The girls playing in Bubba's room. So precious...a little loud, but still precious

Ceil Parramore's Baby Shower in Tallahassee on 1-17. me, Ceil, and Jenny Parramore

Ceil checking out all her goodies.
She was opening my present. She and John Ashley are holding out on the name of their little boy so no monagrammed stuff for you!

Blurry, but showing off the outfit Jenny got him.
A smile from the Mama to be.

Brogen Brooks Stephens arrived on 1-3 to proud parents Lacy and Shad and brother Dalton.

Megan taking her turn holding him.
Emily and Brogen

so sweet

Shad changing his diaper.

I love me some Taylor Biddle. We were talking about my nieces and's a long story. Anyways, this is Taylor's version of a "Daddy look" to the boy for whenever he and Kirby have a daughter that starts dating. You prolly had to be there, but I thought the pic was funny.

I heart Max! Max is serving our country proud and is such a gentleman!

Megan, Janae, Jeanna, and Katherine

Nick and Wendy Copeland
Justin and Brandy at his surprise birthday party on 1-2.
me and Emily Tillman. Love you friend!

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