A Crazy, Emotional, & Fantastic Week

1-8 So I thought after going to Macon Friday night and getting back late and working Saturday that I would spend a quiet evening at home doing some much needed cleaning. I should've known this week would keep me on my toes. Lindsey Davis called me Saturday afternoon to tell me she and Justin were engaged. I'm so happy for them! They've been dating 4 years and he has a little less than a year left in law school in Macon. After dinner with Stacey at Mori, I met Lindsey and Justin and the fam for a celebration at Loco's.
Lacey Davis Stephens and her husband, Shad.
Brenda, her Mama, and Lindsey
She was so cute telling everyone. I think we yelled "What? Engaged" a couple of times
Goober me, but I really am so happy for her!
Tara (soon to be sister in law) and Jake Purvis
Me and Justin
The bling!
1-9 Another normal Sunday family lunch. We sort of celebrated Kristy's birthday with tacos and chocolate chip cookies. (I'll beat myself up later for eating 2 baby cookies) After lunch, we played with Annyson in the living room at Aunt Susie's. I didn't get her until she was almost ready for a nap so this was a really great pic.
Trying to get her to roll over

Checking out Uncle Jay (Great Pics courtesy of Aunt Susie)

Self Portrait. Love You Kristy! So thankful to have you a part of the family. (She was wearing an old sweater of Uncle Stanley's from his super skinny days. sweet!)

1-10 Is it only Monday? (This post is a little scattered so bear with me.) I started doing a mentor/discipleship type thing with Wendy Tillman this am. We are reading through a few books of the Bible together and delving into their meaning. I couldn't stop crying this am. Good Grief. It had nothing to do with what we read. It's been really hard to be gone from Nashville, I'll just be honest. I miss my friends and was really hoping for a different outcome concerning a certain gentleman. (Y'all can all stop rolling your eyes right here) I just felt like I gave another part of my heart out and it blew up in my face, again. Little did I know God was going to use this and some other things and people to draw me into Him. Let me back up a tiny bit...Yesterday in Sunday School we talked about the older son in the Prodigal son story. Jeff asked which one we related to and why? I knew I related to both on some levels, but definitely the older son now. Not that I blame my upbringing in church or the rules of society, but I grew up thinking if you did x, y, and z you would get a prize. I mean when you do good at your job, you get a promotion or a raise. When you get good grades in school, you get a reward. So it's hard for me to desire to be loved and married so much and not think..."Why not me? Where's my Prince?" I'm doing the things you asked/told me to do. I'm trying to follow your steps, Lord. I told Wendy that my Bible Study meets back again on Wednesday and we are starting a new book called "No Other God" by Kelly Minter. It's about idols. She asked me if I thought marriage had become an idol to me. That flew all over me. Probably bc I knew she was right. It wasn't until Thursday morning, my first quiet time with the book, that I realized I had let this thing that I desired and prayed for control my thoughts and actions. I had a great cry with God that morning and am seeking to change things in my life. Thursday night I talked with my friend Kelly who helped me see the issue with the fella had nothing to do with me. (another one of Satan's attempts at trying to keep me sad and depressed.) Needless to say I woke up feeling amazing on Friday morning and can definitely feel God's presence and LOVE working in me.

On a lighter (haha) note, I starting working out again last week. I went tonight and was oddly surprised at how motivating it could be to run/walk on the treadmill while watching football...even if it was Oregon vs Auburn!

1-11 Typical work day, but ended on a super sweet note when I got to SKYPE with my dear sweet cousin, Whitney! I loved talking to her and Jody. It felt like she was here and not in Oregon. Thanks for making time for me. LOVE!

1-12 A sweet gathering of friends and family for the reveal of the sex of Dan & Amanda's baby.

Amanda and her Mom, Mary
tiny bump
We were all supposed to wear the color of the sex we thought it was. I guess Lee couldn't make up his mind.
The Moorman boys all made sweet signs saying what they thought it was. Ashton guessed boy and Bay and Mills guessed girl.
Here we go...
It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Amanda's Dad, Jim, goes in for a hug.
Dan and Amanda with the soon to be Grandparents.

Amanda and her brother, Matt.

I really had no idea what she was having, but apparently we all somewhat thought boy.
Texting the other friends
Her first girly baby present from Mel.

They are so Proud!!!

So happy!
Note to self: Don't get your eyebrows waxed the same day you KNOW you'll be taking pictures. :) Love Ya Amanda and can't wait to meet Emerson Kate Tillman.

1-13 refer to the Monday post. I did go to the gym tonight and kicked the treadmill's butt! Burned 445 calories in 45 min. I made a goal of trying to lose 5 lbs a month until I hit another minus 50!

1-14 Work= typical busy Friday. Stacey's parents came to town so we had a little Phase 10 smackdown. Guess what? I won!! (Well, I won the first game and lost miserably the second. God knows how to keep me humble. lol)

1-15 I've had a super busy day today. I did chair massage at a business from 9-4. I had my business partner, Lauren, there with me in the am session. I kept thinking this is going by so quickly and this seems so easy. I realized it was a breeze compared to the crazy hard work that I did at the Susan G Komen event in Atlanta in October. (I've already signed up to go back this year!) I decided I deserved a little pampering myself afterwards so I made a trip to get a manicure. (You have to shave your legs the day before not day of to get a pedicure so the salt scrub won't burn so I was out of luck in that department. What? Too much information?) I'm at my office blogging like I promised and then I'm heading to the gym! Tune in next week for...who knows???


Hannah Hoffmann said...

Love your honesty and LOVE you!

Kristy said...

I love you too! AND ANOTHER GIRL! YAY!