Weekend Getaway

1-21 I went to Columbus this weekend to see my friend, Missy, as a last minute sort of thing. I usually go see her every year in September, but life was just crazy this past year. I didn't have clients on Friday afternoon or Saturday so I jumped in the car. I'm beginning to really enjoy traveling and seeing friends and going to different churches. I have NO earthly idea what God has in store for my life, but I'm just trying to enjoy the time He's giving me and bring Him as much glory as possible.
It had been a dreary couple of days in Valdosta so when I got into Moultrie and saw the sun shining, I had to take a pic. I love how it turned out!
Two of my friend's kids, Shelbi and Matthew
Matthew got a Wii for Christmas and wanted to play it non stop. He plays some of the games better than I do, I must admit.
Ok, so not the best pic of Matthew, but getting a 3 year old to smile when he's ready to go into church and play...this is what you get.
We don't have Mellow Mushroom in Valdosta anymore so this pic is for all those out there craving MM pizza and that amazing Esperanza dressing!
After church, we went to a yogurt place called Chill. All I wanted was a Venti White Mocha from Starbucks...ask and you shall receive!
I thought this was cool. The sermon was on generosity and giving so they projected the word trust on the curtain over the drum kit.
Not a great pic, but I didn't want people looking at me funny for taking a pic in church. The praise band was pretty big. I enjoyed their music as much as the sermon.

Me and my dear sweet friend, Missy, after church Saturday night.
A family friend flies Matthew around on his new bike. He loved it.
We all had a great time of hanging out, watching movies and Missy cooked some super yummy food. She even brought me a Starbucks and a blueberry muffin this morning while I was getting ready to leave. I pray God blesses her for being such a wonderful friend! She also saved me from the no water for city residents of Valdosta this weekend. The power at the water plant went out so the city residents didn't have water for most of the day on Saturday. From my understanding, we are still under a boil water advisory which means having to boil the water before using it to say brush your teeth or wash dishes. Crazy!!!!! I'm just glad I was out of town although I got several phone calls from my County friends volunteering their houses and showers which was super sweet!

On a not so happy note: I found what I thought was some rotting wood on my house. I love having my house and am proud that God chose to bless me with it. I just do not like it that I happened to reopen my savings account last week and now have to shell out several hundreds of dollars to have the wood repaired and painted. Oh well, such is life I guess!

I hope you all are having a great Monday!

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