James Eunice-a light for Christ in our community!

1-19 I went to the service at CrossPointe tonight. It was a definite different feel from the Monday night service. I thought, in my own emotional mind, that everyone would be more weary because the days continued to draw out with no sign of James. I was very much surprised and happy to find a community of people who had come to praise God and surround the family with love. The music was more about praising God and much more upbeat. There were still tears, but the peace of God was almost palpable in the room!!! The Music leader started off the service by asking the youth if any of them had the opportunity to share the gospel today. There were several shouts of yes across the room. (If only we could all remember what we were put ont this earth to do!) His brother, John, and sister, Lindsey, spoke about their amazing little brother. They both were thankful of the efforts to love on their family and in the search for James.
One thing a leader pointed out was the efforts in the recovery process. They listed the names of the agencies that have been helping: Lowndes County Sherriff's Department, Valdosta City Police Department, Lake Park Fire Department, Volunteer Fire Departments, Moody Air Force Base, United States Air Force, Georgia State Patrol, Georgia and Florida Department of Natural Resources, and countless other volunteers. The effort has been great. Even on facebook, people are reaching out to the family and praying for James to be found. He is making an impact on so many lives right now! Even with my blog, I had no idea that when people googled his name, it would lead them to my posts. God is moving in a mighty way, some of which we may never see or understand. As for me, someone who has lost a loved one suddenly before "their time", I can say now that God's plan is perfect. I have been able to help several young ladies who have lost their Dad and I've been blessed because of it. I pray that whatever the outcome is with James that the life he lived for Christ continues to be a light in our community and that others will come to know Jesus!

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