So, I've read my cousins blog for a while now and thought how great it is that she can share her life with all her friends. Recently I was directed to another blog called "Keeping Awake". In it, a girl named Boothe shares her story of heartache and struggles, but also uses the blog for an outlet of her feelings, a chance to ask for prayer, and if I might add she shows how incredible her faith is. So I'd like to do just that. I want everyone to know how I am doing without the weirdness of asking. I'd like to come before the readers, whoever they might be, and ask to go to the Heavenly Father on my behalf. I'd like to journal my thoughts, whether good or bad, so I won't forget and in hopes of one day learning from them. Please know my heart that I am going to be honest about how I feel no matter how raw, sad, or even hopefully sometimes glad. I promise all my posts will not be this lengthy, but I have a lot of stored up emotions to get out.

So here's the background information incase you don't know. I am 26 years old, a Licensed Massage Therapist with my own business, Serenity Massage Therapy, and I live in Valdosta, GA. I have a wonderful mom, who will probably read this and find all my gramatical errors with her Jouralism and Teaching Degrees. My father, the reason for this blog, passed away suddenly from a stroke on April 10th, 2008. He was a devoted husband and father and an accomplished police officer for more than 30 years. I have a Brother, Chris and sister in law, Heather. They have given me two beautiful nieces named Ella Grace and Emma. Somedays their sweet innocent faces are the only things that make me smile.

My dad has had heart problems for years. He had 6 stints and open heart surgery. He also had pneumonia last year and had to be hospitalized. So when I got the phone call from my mom that an ambulance had come to take my dad to the hospital, I wasnt too shocked. I simply thought...oh it's another trip to the hospital...maybe his stint is blocked or he has pneumonia again. I NEVER thought my dad would die so soon. My doctor and friend came to the hospital to take care of dad. He also came to give us the bad news...he has had a massive hemorrhagic stroke and the outcome is ususally death. There was a chance he could survive, but if he did he would be paralyzed on his right side. There was also a chance that God could heal him. I was praying for that! Earlier that day I was reading in my Bible study book about a woman who had to take her daughter to the hospital for emergency surgery. The little girl was young and the parents were scared. They kissed their daughter and let the surgeons take her. She quickly prayed and included these words...God, you gave us our daughter and she is yours to take away. Never in my dreams would I think that night and next day I would be faced to pray...God, you gave me the best dad I couldve hoped for and I know he is yours to take away. I ask that you would please heal him, God. Give me another chance to tell him I love him. Let the girls yell Papa, more time. I know we as Christians are immortal until you are through with us. I know you have a set plan for us. God have your will and way and give us a peace about whatever may happen, but if you can...please bring my dad back. Amen.

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Kristy Warren said...

I love you Heather and am and will continue to pray. See you Sunday!!!