My best friend Brooke's dad had a birthday yesterday and I forgot to post it on my blog. I did send him a text message yesterday for all of you who are thinking I am a bad person. I just was so stressed out with work yesterday that I couldnt think straight. Anyways, I love Mr Scott and Mrs Angie. They are precious and so sweet to me. Mr. Scott has nicknames for everyone and mine is Hedda. When I am not around he says Where's Hedda? You have to hear it to realize how cute and endearing it is. My nieces have adapted their own form of my name, Aunt Heather, and call me Ahedda(also something you have to hear, but it's so precious)
(this pic was the day that their first grandchild, Rylin Kate Strickland, was born.)

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Whitney said...

Ofcourse I am reading your blog!! I just wish I had some really good advice to give.....I guess all i can say is that I understand. I love you too!