So, I went to Savannah for Kasey's bachelorette weekend. We all had a great time. I did not cry at all on Friday. I kept telling myself, "It's not about me" I was always surrounded by people so I just told myself I wasnt going to cry. I held it in until sat morning when I cried at breakfast and Saturday night at dinner. I got home today and have been cleaning and doing laundry. I know I have to get a grip. I am crying right now. One of the girls I was with had a seizure this morning and I was there to catch her and tried to take care of her as she was going through it. It scared me. I realized how negative I have become and snappy and I hate it. I HATE that my dad was taken from me and my family. I do not want to turn into a bitter and sad person. I want to get back to loving what I do and caring for others. I want to quit crying and be "normal." I need to get my heart on the same page as my mind and my body to follow suit. I just want to figure out how to stop uncontrollably crying. It's taking me forever to write this little paragraph bc I cant stop crying. And by the way, have you ever cried so much your face hurt and you've given yourself heartburn. (Where's Allison with the tums when you need them?) I need to get myself in shape, my heart, my mind, and my body. I need discipline. Please pray for that. I want to be compassionate again and make my hurt go away. God, please heal me and restore me.

Please pray for Rylin Faith Daniels. She is the daughter of a guy I went to high school with. She is 3-5 months old(sorry not sure about that) and very sick. She was getting better. People have been praying diligently for her heart and lungs. She has not been doing well this weekend. Please pray for her and her parents, Jonathon and Jamie Daniels. God, please heal Rylin and restore her.


KateVonGlahn said...

Love you.

Kristy Warren said...


I am reading this book that touches on all the parts of this blog post. I am almost done with it. When I get home I'll hand it over. Alli sent it to me as I was updating her on my life and then she sent it to me with the amazing soothing worhip CD I have not taken out of my CD player. We can make you one of those too...It is sooooo good.

The book is thin, you could get through it in a week, but I truly think you will get alot from it!

I love you and think about you everyday. You are a beautiful, strong, passionate woman that is just grieving. We will get through this, we will. You still inspire me to learn and know more about Him. THe other day I was driving and was thinking about Journey and how we first met. God sure knew what He was doing!

So keep your head high and your heart strong and know I love you and am praying for you.

Your (favorite) cousin FOREVER,

Whitney said...

I would strongly disagree with the favorite cousin part but the rest of it is pretty dead on.

I love you!

Heather said...

I thought she was being a little cocky being the new cousin and all!