Please pray for Jonathon and Jamie Daniels. Their little baby, Rylin Faith, passed away this morning. At 4 weeks old she was diagnosed with basically whooping cough. She has been in the Egleston Hospital for about two months fighting for her life. She needed her heart and lungs to get better. Everyone who has been praying for them were really thinking she was going to get better. My heart aches for them. God, I don't understand why you do the things you do. I pray that you would be the great comforter and peace giver as that is what Jonathon and Jamie need now. Please pour out your love to them. Please put people in their paths to help them. Please bless their other daughter who has lost her baby sister. Please help us all not to question why, but to understand that your ways are higher and better than ours. You have a divine plan. Jeremiah 29 :11

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