1st Annual Fauscett Tacky Sweater Party

Dec 18, 2011
 Nate got some glasses that were one big straw for his coke.  How funny!

 Playing Pictionary with Christmas Carols as the topics

 Nate's always a sport

 Kelly broke us into two teams and gave us each a bag.  We had to decorate our captain into a reindeer with all the things in the bag.  Our team totally won!!

 Mike and Audrey
 sporting Nate's ugly sweater vest...funny that it fits him
 Lola Pearl had a cute sweater on
 Nate trying on Hope's dickie
 ugly sweaters and pretty friends
 Hope was wearing a disco ball just incase anyone couldn't tell what it was. lol
 the up close shot of good friends...can you see my jingle bell gold earrings and the poinsettia tiny bow in my hair?
 Kelly sportin a grandma sweater, me, and Reagan with her home made snowman sweater
 They're so crazy!
 Nate found his sweater in the petit section. lol  Nice family photo

 Oh and there was a mountain of food!!!

A good time was had by all!