Christmas in Georgia-Christmas Eve

maybe one day I'll figure out how to post masses of pics in order. lol. Until then, scroll to the bottom of the post and work your way up

Ashley looking great!  He's been losing weight for a bet and looks GREAT!!
One of my dearest friends in Vtown, Melanie.  She started my Radko ornament collection this year & I'm excited.  I love it when my friends understand my sentimentalness
The boys were about to go to bed, but first had to put out cookies and milk for Santa
Mills was sneaking a few cookies for himself
I love these boys!
Opening their presents from me

We went to look at Christmas lights around Valdosta.  I got a little sentimental thinking about the years of seeing the Snoopy house, the Christmas card neighborhood, and the lights of certain houses.
Gotta love the Bulldog cards!!

This house was insane!  Every inch was covered including an opening/closing lit up mailbox.  Loved it!!

We went to the musical lights show house on Guest Road.  The boys thought it was so cool.  The best part was Ashley saying "someone is way smarter than me"

Mel always has festive cups
Mills doing a "split handstand" in the back seat
Another musical house
so cool

I wanted to go see Rigsby by myself so I could get plenty of love.  I'm so thankful for all the ways that God has blessed and protected her.  Being born so tiny, now 4lbs 10oz, she's our family's little miracle.  I pray for her as often as the Lord brings her to mind and I ask my readers that you pray for her to continue to grow healthy and strong.
look at that sweet little hand!!!
Bubba is all boy getting into things whenever he can.  Tonight it happened to be green glitter.  Can you see it?  He was covered in it.
and happy about being covered in it!
He was trying to help clean up his mess.  Comical!!

Maybe one day I will truly learn that God really does have it all under control!  I wanted so badly to be home early on Christmas Eve.  I had been given permission to get off an hour early on Christmas Eve which would put me getting into Valdosta around 10pm.  Three days before, a coworker text me and asked if I wanted her to pick up my Christmas Eve shift.  I started crying with joy.  I was so beyond ready to be home and loving on my family and friends.  I decided to surprise my mom and not tell her I was coming in early.  I got in at 2pm and pulled in behind my mom who was about to drive out of the driveway.  She was very surprised and gave me a big hug.  The bonus was that my nieces were with her!!  They were buckled in the back seat yelling Aunt Heather.  Oh bestill my heart!!!
Lowndes County North Valdosta Rd exit sign
a little traffic because of an accident, but otherwise a great trip (other than being exhausted with 2 hrs left in the trip)
Beautiful TN river
Good morning

5:30am and the start to my trip home