Nothing normal about this Monday...

1-23-12 I'm sure you all think all I do is go hear live music, but I promise I do other stuff.  This is just such a perk in the city.  Someone's always playing somewhere.  This was my first night at 12th and Porter and it proved to be just as wonderful as I'd heard.  I went to see Natalie Stovall play and an added bonus was Ruth Collins, a Curb Artist, opening the show.

She reminded me of a country Mandy Moore.
Natalie's band mates were super talented.

Love that she embraces her big hair

She's a crazy, good fiddle player.  It's just so hard to get a good pic of her playing because she moves so quickly. lol

Love this girl! She's so stinking talented!  We met her at Stacey's bachelorette weekend in Panama City in August 2010.  She remembered us which I thought was so cool.
This was the pic of us at her show in Aug 2010. (side note...I'd lot to be that tan again!)